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Jenny understands that every request for photography of their Newborn Baby is a very personal decision.  Please get in touch with Jenny to arrange a consultation at her photography studio, without obligation but to meet her, have a chat over a coffee, especially if you have something special in mind.



“Newborn babies are so beautiful, perfect, especially in the early days as they change so much and quickly that it can be hard to remember how tiny they were and how they curled up and slept so peacefully”


Studio Sessions

“Sometimes the littlest things take up  the most room in your heart”


Contact Jenny to book in your Newborn session when you are 20+ weeks.  The date which is, of course, flexible because no one knows when your little one will arrive.  Ideally, newborns are best photographed when they are between 5-14 days old and still in the foetal position and before they uncurl.

Session – £75


Photography sessions are at Jenny’s photographic studio, which is located in an annexe next to her home in the village of Wollaton, Nottinghamshire.

There is a variety of collections available with additional options for grandparents with prints, framed photographs and with the beautiful wall art that is available to view on the studio walls.


Session – £55


Bump-2-Baby is a Newborn Baby Photoshoot that comes with a complimentary maternity session.  It is entirely up to you if you decide to have the maternity session, but if you feel comfortable and confident as you enter your last trimester, contact Jenny to arrange!


Session – £55



How many weeks?

The best time for a photoshoot is between 30-36 weeks.

Jenny remembers the final trimester of pregnancy, she knows, having had three babies of her own that some days you feel like a glowing goddess, and the next you don’t.   However, in Jenny’s eyes, there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman and loves to capture their beauty.

What do I need to bring?

Jenny provides a selection of dresses and materials, but if you have an outfit, you feel great in, please bring it along. It’s advisable to bring nude knickers and bra, but it’s essential that the underwear you wear on the day of the shoot is not too tight to leave marks. You are also welcome to bring any props such as hats or jewellery with you, as these will add your personal touches to the images.

Location or Studio?

Located in her home town of Nottingham, Jenny’s home studio is a cosy room in which you will have complete privacy.  Jenny provides a variety of dresses, or you can bring your own choice of outfits.  Your partner is also welcome too, especially if you would like to include them in some of the shots.

Alternatively, you can choose to have your images taken on location.   Depending on the time of year,  Jenny uses the beautiful colours of spring, including cherry blossom and bluebells.  Later on, in the year the autumn leaves.   However, location shoots are entirely weather dependent and lack the privacy offered by Jenny’s studio.  Get in touch with Jenny and have a chat over the phone to discuss your preferences, or, if you prefer to come along to the studio for a consultation.



Do you shoot on location?

Location Photos

Photo shoots on location are an ideal opportunity to capture natural photographs of your children, and your family is to be on location.  Jenny has some favourite locations and depending on the time of year, locations  for bluebells and poppies.

If you have a special place that is close to your heart, then we can plan your photo session in this location too.

Best time for Newborn Photoshoot?

The ideal window of time to get beautiful sleepy, curled baby pictures is between five  and fourteen days old. However, if your baby is a little older or a premature than this we can still create beautiful memories, so please get in touch and we can plan your session to suit you and your baby.

What do I need to bring for my Newborn shoot?

Milk!  Whether breast or bottle feeding, there’s something about being in front of my camera that seems to make babies want to eat! It’s good to keep them topped up and feeling full.
Also if your baby uses a dummy, please bring that too and a spare! You’ll need your changing bag, but, don’t worry if you do, I have spares – and we’ve all done that before!
I have a wide variety of wraps and blankets and pretty bits here, but if you have something special to you such as an item that Grandma has knitted, please bring it with you and I will bring it along so that I can incorporate it in some of the images.

What shall I expect when I arrive?

My photography studio is in an annexe of my family home and is a little oasis of calm, relaxed and peaceful.  When photographing newborn babies the room can get very warm so remember to wear a few layers so that you can manage your body temperature to keep yourself comfortable whilst baby is photographed. 

When do I get to see the photos?

For a quick sneak peek, a couple of images will be emailed to you within 48 hours after the shoot. I get excited to see the pictures too!

Your online password protected gallery of the finished and edited images will be online within 21 days from the day of your shoot.

“Beyond happy……  to be this year’s winner of the 20×16 Print Competition which was held at Claire Elliotts Residential Training Course, Ashbourne, Derbyshire”   –  Jenny Higgs


Baby’s First Year

Baby’s First Year is a collection of three photo sessions capturing your baby as they grow during their first twelve months.  The third session takes place around baby’s first birthday. To find out more please give Jenny a call or complete the contact form to arrange a consultation. 

We are so thrilled with our photos

I can’t thank Jenny enough.  My baby was more relaxed with Jenny than she was with me!

Julia & baby Georgia


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" are so caring and gentle with my baby"