Let's Dance! Ballet Photography

Everyone has their hobbies, things they do when they’re not working, to relax and unwind. My husband is a GP by day, and in his free time, he likes to brew his beer. For me, on the other hand, photography was my hobby, and now it has become my work. When I’m not working with my lovely clients, but I shoot stuff for myself. Dance has always been one of my passions, especially ballet. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend Andrew Appleton’s Dance Workshop last month with the incredible Alexa Hilton and to learn the lighting and the technique to photograph ballet.

I adore ballet. The grace and strength of the dancers are phenomenal, and I’m always in awe of how they appear to defy gravity. But to photograph ballet is a challenge, as timing needs to be precise, and lighting needs to be perfect to achieve a good picture. Alexa danced her socks off (no pun intended) during the workshop! Andrew demonstrated at which point to take the shots and to determine the timings with a lot of pre-thought. I can now capture the moment and not just let my camera shoot in bursts like a machine gun. In addition to all this, I learnt a variety of new lighting techniques to create different moods giving me a completely different set of images. I was so excited by the pictures I was taking, especially when I saw the photographs I was creating.

Let's Dance Photos

Getting to indulge my passion for dance was very refreshing. I am now really excited to bring these new techniques into my photography work that I create for my clients. My maternity shoots are now going to be transformed. I am so looking forward to trying out some new locations.

ime to get those dancing shoes on!